About Saturday

Oh… I forgot, somehow to mention something on last Saturday's run. If you read about my long run on the 5th you know that I had to make a stop at McDonalds from an internal pressure that I thought was gas, but indeed was not.

During this past weekend's 12 miler, I dropped off my water waist pack off at the entrance to my subdivision (just after mile 1) and I decided that I would not carry any liquid and purchase some at mile 3.5 at the Weigels. This way, I could eat my gels at mile 4 and mile 8 (same location) at the specific times I wanted. So… I am on my way… get my water at mile 3.5, eat my gel at mile 4… just running along, AND THEN. Right around mile 5… I got that feeling… hmmm, must be gas. By mile 5.25, I knew it was not gas. I sure wish it had been. By mile 5.5 I was analyzing my options…

The previous week, the McDonalds had been my haven. Now, the situation was a little more dire. The Parkside Greenway runs on the southside of a Protected Area of Turkey Creek, the other side was the back of businesses off of Parkside drive. So, my choices were limited. I decided that I would attempt to get to McDonalds, I could see the lights through the winter barren trees and dawn had not quite broken. I decided that I would slow down a little, so that I could concentrate on “squeezing” more than getting there sooner. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad choice. When you are running and squeezing, you can't do much more than that and so the nice person who was pulling up to the drive through line cut off my direct access to the handicap door, nearest the bathroom. Bastard! I had to run around and that led to more, umm… slippage.

But, I made it! And everything wasn't as bad as it felt it was. It's not like I don't sit on the throne in the morning before the run and is somewhat productive.

I just wanted to share that… nice of me huh?

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