Weekend Update

So, I had 12 miles on my books to run this Saturday morning… and with the impending snow, it seemed like a good thing. I even woke up on my own at 4am to check out the weather on the weather channel. Crap, all rain and rain until early morning. So, I actually stayed up for about 1.5 hours, hoping that the weather would change to snow so that I could run. Cold and Snow, yes. Cold and rain, no. At least not for a training run, I would run a race in those conditions, but not a training run. So, at 5:30… I went back to bed.

7am came around and Eric was ready to get up and eat, so my morning was consumed with getting them ready to go to a sitters and to help Jen get ready. It was snowing some, but the roads were all wet and it was above freezing, so no BIG worries at this point on traveling. I took Eric and Ryan to the other side of town and then paraded to get some errands done both outside and inside the house.

My first stop was Radio Shack. I bought Jen a Lyra MP3 player for christmas and it has the ability to record from a Line-In source. Specifically, I got it because you can use a lapel microphone when she is given training and can critique her sessions. Also, I thought it would be useful to use that feature to record tidbits to submit to Runcast Weekly and Phedippidations, running podcasts that I listen to. I have submitted contributions to them in the past, but most were archaically done and this would remedy some problems I had. The problem with the Lyra is that the Line-In is a 2.5mm (cell phone size) female plug and most microphones are 3.5mm (normal headphone size), so I have to get an adapter… one that is stereo capable. The first Radio Shack I go to is closed because it was not yet 10am.

So, I decided that since I was hungry, I swing by Kroger and get a donut or two. Well, not only a donut or two… but a creme egg or two as well! I was snowing pretty good at 10am, since there was a Radio Shack in the same shopping area, I headed slowly over there eating my fat pills (donuts).

I got the adapter I needed very painlessly and set off home to do some household chores. So, after an hour or two of chores, I ran out to Wal-mart to get some stuff. The only running related thing that I got from Wal-mart was the Advil Liqi-gels… good stuff and fast for sore muscles. I decided that I would run Sunday morning since they were forecasting for alot more snow on Sunday. Unfortunately, it was now going to be Win…d………y.

Sunday morning… nothing. Well, it was Yo-Yo snow. It snowed HARD at 10am and was sticking to the ground. Then by 10:30am it was all GONE. That afternoon, it was a blizzard again! and in an hour it was gone. Then about an hour later… MORE snow but nothing stuck. Then the sun came out. Then it snowed again and started to stick… THEN the SUN came out and snow was gone. Did I mentioned that it snowed AGAIN! And then it melted and nothing more was seen in terms of white stuff until Monday morning. So, NO accumulation for more than 20 minutes…. Arggg

I also didn't run in the morning. So, I was forced to run at night. I did something that I have never done before and to be honest… do not want to do again.

I managed to run 7 miles on the treadmill! I am fortunate enough to have a decent treadmill at the house, it was the last big purchase before I quit my 40-hr job back in 2002 to go back to school and before kids. But, I HATE treadmills. I had to psyche myself to go for 2 miles at a time, rest and then get back on. I watched some of the Olympics for motivation. That accompanied with listening to some old podcasts of Phedippidations… I made it to 6 miles. Then I went back for the second six and my legs felt like lead weights! Oh, it was bad. While I was running, I tried to keep my heartrate under 150 bpm, and had to slow the treadmill down after a while to keep in my aerobic interval. Hopefully, this helped… I dunno.

So, no snow… the microphone I have for the Lyra isn't compatible, I only got 7 out of 12 miles… but it wasn't a bad weekend.

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