Weekend Update

The big plan was to get my long distance run done in the wee hours of Saturday Morning. Jen and I had actually made it to bed relatively early, so that was bonus in the “getting up” early category. However, mother nature had a different idea. At about 4:00 I woke up when Ryan woke up because he was hungry, that and the big rain storm that was in the area. There was a little thunder but nothing much. I got Ryan and brought him to Jen and then… back to bed.

Fast Forward slightly to 5:15, the alarm went off and I could still hear rain. I went and stumbled into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee so I would be able to have my eyes open to see the weather. I turned on the computer so look at the current forecast and radar map. The good news was that 10 degrees warmer at 41 degrees, but there was rain everywhere. There had just been a yellow colored cell over our area and alot more green to come. The real clincher was that wind was still at 13-15 mph and so it would rather rainy, semi-cold and windy! No way… running would have to wait. Back to bed.

It was pretty crappy all morning and I am glad that I didn't run. I'd hate to have gotten sick from being out in the nasty weather. Had it been snow instead of rain, that would have been a different story! I got a call from Solange, in the late morning saying that Marty hadn't run and wondered if we wanted to do a run/dinner combo today. After a couple of calls back and forth, we ended up deciding that I would drive over to their house at 3:00, then Marty and I would go run, Jen would bring the kids after they woke up from their naps. Marty and I would get back and we'd have dinner around 6pm or so. Of course, times are subject to change.

I ended up getting to their place at about 3:20. We quickly took off, but had to go to Calhoun's on the Hill because there was a party there and Marty had to bring a keg from home and set it up for them. So, that was a few minutes, but we were off to the Big Orange Bi-Lo at the 3rd Creek Greenway trailhead.

We actually ran a number of portions of the marathon course. While on 3rd Creek, we ran the mile 8 to mile 10 portion, then connected up and ran the mile 1.5 to mile 3 (yes, they are out of order). We then went to Volunteer Landing and connected to the James White Greenway… went up an embankment and were at the ~mile 19 mark. WE cross over the James While Bridge to the ~mile 20.25, then connect up to the mile 23.5 and continued to the Mile 25 mark. We then broke off and went back down to Volunteer Landing for the return trip home. I was having watch malfunctions and was only able to capture total time running at 2 hours and 24 minutes.

I was hurting the last mile or so, but most of that was because it was cold and I was demoralized from the wind. We did have some light flurries on our return trip back from Volunteer Landing. And apart from not being able to find a ventilation of my clothing that was maintenance free, I was very comfortable during the run. While running, I would get hot, so I would vent my jacket. That wouldn't work, so I would take off my gloves. Then I would be too cold and the gloves would go back on… vicious cycle.

we made it back to car and then went back to Calhoun's so that Marty could check the keg setup. Sure enough, after a brown banana, I was able to get a Black Bear Brown Ale! Yummy. We headed back to his house so that I could warm up and we could eat dinner.

After some mapping on Sunday, I figured that we ran about 15.5 miles… give or take a few feet. At our given time, that put or pace at about a 9:18 minute mile. Not too shabby at this stage of the game.

Today was supposed to be a recovery run… more on that in a minute

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