Thursday's Stroll

I thought that I was going out for a fun run down town, but actually ALOT happened while I was running and I am going to try to recap it all.

I left the Aquatic Center and traveled east toward the library. I had a good climb up a steep hill and then turned onto a flat area. As I reached the Library, there were people trying to either get people to take a survey or handout literature, I dunno. I made it to Volunteer where I proceeded to weave in and out of pedestrian traffic as I went over Cumberland via a bridge. Then I went up 16th Street to Clinch where I turned east to go downtown. In front of the Student Apartment building, 2 guys and a girl were blocking the entire sidewalk. That coupled with the fact that cars parked on the side of the road made it impossible to get out into the street, I timed my passing of them where I could jump up on a concrete “bench-type” fixture. When I did this, I scared the be-jesus out of the girl, but seeing that I was 1)Running with my headphones and 2) I was at a 7:50 pace I didn't say anything and kept going.

Next, I saw a homeless guy from across the street heckling a student in front of me. He posed no threat and so everything was fine, I guess. I made it over the pedestrian bridge at Henley street and was Heading to Market Square. Halfway there, I tried to cross the street (while running) but a big black truck stops in the middle of the road. Aggitated, I stop, back up and go around him since it was a one-way street, I knew there would be no traffic. When I looked over, I see him with a map out and looking at it… dude, I was RUNNING! I'm all for giving directions, but not during my run *runner lament*. So, I make it to my turn around point on Market Square and Bob Marley's Three Little Birds comes on and I immediately slow down to an easy pace… only a 8:07. To all my readers that think a 8:07 is fast… you are right, but my perceived effort was much lower. So, if you want a secret… the easiest way to get a PR time for a short race (5k and less) is to start out FAST and then slow down. Yeah, you'll have positive splits, but it will get you what you want.

When I run with headphones (something that is HIGHLY debated in the running community) I am all eyes! I am constantly looking around and people and cars and other things, more than I am with the road. So in one instance I am safer with headphones than without, but who knows. When you are in The Zone, headphones or not, you are dangerous. So, on the way back, I timed my run across one of the busy intersections with a couple that I think though was a goofball because I ran way around them and accelerated at the same time. I kept on the lookout for the homeless guy from before, he was there but was quiet. There was a lone girl that was walking through the parking lot all by herself and I noticed a car of guys looking at her. I got my mind ready, that if they were going to confront her that I would trun around and help her out. Incident averted.

So then it was pretty much normal stuff until right before I was at the aquatic center, when I wasn't looking and hit a dropoff without expecting it. It's just like when you are anticipating and one isn't there so you “fall” that extra 6-8″. That's what I did, only I was running at the time. OUCH! I think that I am okay now, but it hurt at the time. I finished 3.66 miles (according to in a time of 30:07 or a 8:14 average pace. slow run my ass. *sheesh*

Tomorrow will be a rest day. No swimming or anything. I think that I will get my haircut at lunch time… it's getting less and less easy to fix. And I mean that it's taking like 20 seconds to fix it instead of 5 seconds and that is COMPLETELY unacceptable! I'm also going to put on of my MP3 player on eBay, so if someone out there is looking for an extra (or a new one) MP3 player, have I got a deal for YOU! I going after an older model iRiver because I KNOW that it will be able to do what I want it to do… my friend Steve says so!

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I'm a husband, father and runner in the Knoxville area. I love the way that running makes me feel and how it has changed my thinking. I am always looking for the new PR whether in the 5k or the marathon