Okay. So I had ti all figured out. I would do an easy run today, a 3 mile recovery run and life would be good. I'd take tomorrow off and go give blood and be “almost” back to normal for speed work on Wednesday. I'd be tired, but if I don't give blood now, I shouldn't give until after the marathon. Also, since I ran 15.5 this weekend, I'd run like 14 this weekend (instead of 16) and then do 20 mile at Strawplains (5 before the race and 2 afterwards).

Also with today, I was bringing my voice recorder and lapel mic to test out the audio quality of me running, so that by Strawplains… I would be ready to go to record another snippet for Phedippidations. So, I get to the aquatic center and I start laying everything out, when I notice. Where are my shoes? Where are they? I know I saw them in the office… when I made sure that I had socks, shorts, shirts, etc. I know they were there… awwwww crap! I don't have my shoes… Hmmmmmmm??? what shoes do I have on? Nah… I can't use those, their dress shoes. One mile wouldn't hurt would it? No, I better not risk it.

So, Terry the shoeless wonder, do you want to swim? After all, you are here? Nah… I will just take my stuff and work on the audio portion while walk back to work. So for 20 minutes, I screw around with my voice recorder ONLY to figure out that I had recorded 2 and a half hours of nothing on Friday… so my player wouldn't work because it was FULL! Sheesh… Life 2 Terry 0. So I fixed my voice recorder (I may buy another MP3 player to replace this beast) and my watch! Hah! Life 2 Terry 2!

Okay… so I took today off. Actually, I will probably life weights tonight… [accent] to get rid of my little girlie bird chest and get big beefy muskles so that I can show who is truly the girliest girlieman, yah![/accent]

So Marty and I are going to do speed work on wednesday… hopefully with shoes. I do admit that I looked at the intramural field that has the fake grass playing surface and thought that I could run barefoot on it. Had it been warmer… I would have.

Okay here are my thought on the football game that is really super:

  • I didn't think that it was pass interference in the endzone… the pittsburgh guy was beat anyway… he wouldn't have made a difference… bad call
  • WTF with that Hummer commercial? Breeding monster/robots!? What is up with that??? The Monster gets the best out of that deal… Mr Robot (wink wink nudge nudge)
  • I love the “Bambi Meets Godzilla” reference in the Fedex Commercial
  • I thought that Roethlisburger's TD did count. And Seattle screwed up their time management all game long
  • Please… Please… make the Rolling Stones stop. They were cool about 35 years ago… their songs still have staying power, but… my eyes! I think they would get a “No to Hollywood” (ref:American Idol) with the performance they did at halftime. And they were censored too… haha
  • I was hoping that Seattle won, but had no problem with Pittsburgh winning
  • It would have been sweeter if Heath Miller (TE) had gotten a touchdown or something
  • Monkeys in clothes make me laugh… even for the 1,000,000 time
  • A local advertiser had a 3 second commercial on during the game – I timed it. I wonder how much that cost

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