I am upset! ARGH!

I just received a roll of film from my Canon AV-1 manual SLR camera of pictures that I took at Christmas time and recently at the Mary Kay Leadership in Atlanta! The pictures look like K-RAP!

This was some art that I saw on the street in Atlanta that I thought Laura would appreciate

There is Jen in her Director suit at Leadership

One of the mornings, the fog was covering the top of the Westin hotel downtown and it was very cool

As you can see all the pictures are the same… all 24 of them. So I don't know if this is the processing or if this was something that I did or something wrong with the camera. I have the film speed set to the correct setting and the picture roll before it came out with a lack of color sharpness.

This is Eric from the roll of film right before it. The color isn't that sharp… Camera, Me or Processing?

I currently send my pictures off to York Photo since it is time and cost effective for me. I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions. A quick look online and I see:

Clark Color
Ofoto – but doesn't seem to have mail-in support

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