Troy Update

Here is the newest update on my Fraternity Brother:

Hello all. Here is an up date on T. He is being released from St. Johns tommorrow. That is the good news. The bad news he needs to be in a rehab facility to help further his recovery. All of the Arkansas rehab facilities have denied him due to lack of money. All the nursing facilities (which he or we did not want him to goto) said the same no $ no service. The hospital was just planning on dropping him off a his cabin. But that was slightly unrealistic since he can't care for himself. So as of tomorrow he will be leaving hospital and soley in our care even though any sane person could see that he is not ready to be released. So again the good news he is getting out of the hospital….bad news the hospitals are blood sucking vampires that are only in business for the money and not the patients well being. We are scrambling to gather all of the s! upplies that are going to be needed for him and have found some help with the local social security office and the local home health care supervisor in the area but they have only given us a day to get thing together. My wife and one of her friends and Troys will be picking him up tomorrow and taking the crash course on his care. So all and all that is the recent news.

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