Saturday's Run

Can you believe it? Not only did I run 3 days in a row, but I even ran on a Saturday Morning! WOO-HOO.

Jen was going to Chattanooga Saturday morning for one of her consultants debut plus do some training with another consultant in that area. So she was leaving for Chatt pretty early, like 8:30 and wouldn't be home until 6 that night. That left me in charge with the kids for the day. So, I had to secure babysitting if I was going to make it out running.

Friday afternoon, I was batting 0-2 on babysitting. It looked like a dark day in Terry's running. That was, until I called Beer Boy. After some negotiations with his wife, we worked out the details. Marty was going to run 12 miles with the Law Dogs, a bunch of lawyers who work in Knoxville or at the University, I would run 8 with them. I'd come back and take care of ALL the kids while Solange went out and run in her neighborhood for around 10 miles. Marty would get back and then I would be able to take the kids around to run the number of errands that I needed to do. Easy enough.

Saturday morning, we were out of the door around 7:15! And to boot, it was snowing slightly where I was. Nothing was covered but the streets were a little wet. So, it was going to be cold and later that day W indy. Yeah, just what runners love… cold and a headwind. Yuck.

I dropped the kids off with Solange and Marty and I met up with The Dogs O'Law. Some of the LawDogs are training for the Birmingham Marathon in a few weeks, while some were training for the Knoxville Half Marathon. I know that Marty and I are going to do the Full Knoxville Marathon, but not sure if there were other Law Dogs who are planning the Full. There were 11 of us running on the Greenway. We started out at the Big Orange Bi-Lo and made our way out to Tyson Park and then Third Creek Greenway. At the Connector where the Third Creek Greenway meets the Neyland Greenway, 4 of us headed back which would complete the 8 for us. The others kept going to Volunteer Landing to turn around to get in their 12 for the day.

On the way back my legs were like FIRE! They hurt so bad and I was thankful for the other runners there or else I would have stopped to walk! We had a positive split on the way back but not too bad. I think that we were less than 2 minutes slower on the return trip than going out. I guess we lost the speed demons.

After the run I treated myself to a Starbucks coffee, hell, it was cold outside! I had just found out that the Toffee Nut Latte is a good (less sweet) choice over the White Chocolate Mocha. So, I headed out to do my babysitting duty.

After mapping out the route I think that the distance wasn't quite 8 miles… I am going to go with 7.8 miles. I know that I wasn't running that fast!
Here are the split times for the day

Split Split Distance Overall Distance Split Time Split Pace Overall Time Comments
1 2.28 2.28 21:10 9:18 21:10 &nbsp
2 1.52 3.8 13:45 9:03 34:55 &nbsp
3 1.52 5.32 14.04 9:16 48:59 &nbsp
4 2.28 7.6 22:32 9:53 1:11:31 &nbsp

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