Near Perfect

Today was a near perfect run. The weather was absolutely delightful. What started out as a two layer shirt run was almost immediately cut down to just the LS coolmax shirt. The temperature had to be in the mid 50s and the wind wasn't bad. I arranged with Beer Boy yesterday to join me in a noon time run and since he wasn't brewing Gatlinburg, he said sure.

So Beer Boy and I took a different route and headed out on the Third Creek Greenway. And we were blazin' fast or so we thought. I had commented that the pace we were running was a good pace and that I could feel it. But we were talking for most of the out part of the run and so that means that I could have gone faster. We stopped at the bridge on Third Creek to rest a few minutes and to stretch out. I put a bug in his ear about doing the Trideltathon in April and talked about it mostly on the way back. The return trip was much easier but we were surprised that the time wasn't too far off. After mapping the route I am a little surprised that the pace wasn't faster, but some of that could just be error associated with mapping the course. Obviously, I would need to take a calibrated bike out to truely map the course. A GPS wouldn't be all that accurate because of the tree cover.

Here are the split times:

Split Split Distance Overall Distance Split Time Split Pace Overall Time Comments
1 1.93 1.93 15:18 7:56 15:18 &nbsp
2 1.93 3.86 15:51 8:13 31:09 &nbsp

Okay, here is the why it wasn't a perfect workout. After the workout I took a shower and yes, I did have a regular sized towel. But what I forgot to bring was an extra pair of skivvies. So, I get to go commando for the rest of the day. Good thing that I didn't wear a skirt today!

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