Funny Runner Stories

One thing that runners have are funny stories. Sometimes they are not funny at the time, such as my narrative about the pack of wild chihuahuas at the Chickamauga 10, errr, 18.75 miler back in November. Well, i got home yesterday remembering that I left out the humor of yesterday's run. I think it was because I wanted to get the post in before I left and so I got right down to the point and the numbers.

Well, before I went to the Aquatic Center, I went through my workout bag to see what I had and did not have to see if I actually was going to run or if I was going to swim. I found out that I had NO shorts, but that I did have a pair of sweatpants. Seeing that it was a little warm outside, I contemplated about wearing the pants. I checked the filing cabinet that is filled with 3 or so towels for me to take for my shower. I often put in extra clothes, especially since winter clothes are naturally more bulky than summer clothes. But no shorts in there.

So, I debated on what I was going to wear. I could either wear the sweat pants – too hot, I could wear just underwear – too cold, or run au natural – there are certain laws that frown upon this action and did not want to be pantless in the jail cell with Bernie Bob. So, I opted for the sweatpants but this would mean that I would be commando for the rest of the day. What us runners do to get the mileage in, I swear!

AND remember when I said that I went through the file cabinet of towels? It would have been nice to taken one to the aquatic center. I had to use a small 8×10 towel to dry off… sheesh!

Anyway, everything turned out just fine and I brought the proper clothing from home today. I just have to remember to put in a towel in my bag.

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