About 2 Days behind

You would think that I could stay up to date with this darn blog, but I find that I am almost 2 days behind. Sheesh. I guess, me noggin' get s little wiped out from all the quality and witty comments that I put out there that when it comes to my posts… I ran… woo-hoo…

Actually, I had a great Martin Luther King, Jr. Day run on a semi-new course for me. It was a point-to-point course from Turkey Creek back to my house. Me, Jen and the kids went shopping in the morning and we had it all scheduled out… we were going to Target for an extra carseat and notebook, then to Radio Shack for an adapter and lapel microphone for Jen's Lyra MP3 player (my future podcast equipment), then to Earthfare for Environmental (and kid) safer bubble bath, then to Great Clips for a $5.99 hack on my hair (I had a coupon).

Turned out that my coupon (COUPON! ref: Dexter's Laboratory) had expired the day before, but thanks to the new Turkey Creek Shopping Area there were 3 Low-end (but not on quality) haircutting establishments: Great Clips, Sports Clip and SuperCuts. Thanks to Knox County school fundraiser, one of the 1,245 coupons in the book had a SuperCuts coupon (COUPON!) for a whole DOLLAR off! A WHOLE Dollar… someone is getting a BIG tip today. I ended up going to SuperCuts and you can see by my Default LiveJournal picture, Amy didn't do a bad job! It's VERY easy to fix!

Oh, and a good Karma for me. I didn't blog about it but for my birthday, my mom got me a $34 gift certificate to Earthfare for my birthday. Well, I spend $32 of it in October mostly on Beer, This Beer. Anyway, I knew that I had a $1+ on it, so when I had her check the balance… it was showing $34… I told her that IMPOSSIBLE, I spent money… she called her manager over… me spend money on card! ugh! No money left… The manager says “merry Christmas, that's our fault”. SAH-WEEEETAHH! So the $11 Bubble Bath for Eric (I know, I know… but it's Aromatherapy scented for Cranky Kids) cost me nuttin' and I have enough money on it for MORE BEER! YAY!

Anyway, onto the run…
Earthfare backs up to the Parkside Greenway which runs parallel to I-40 for most of the way. It's about 100 yards from the interstate and exposed to wind and such. It wasn't all that bad, gently rolling bumps (for these parts) and winding around until it hits up to Parkside drive. Then off to Campbell Station where I can Connect to the Southern part of the Campbell Station Greenway which dumps me off right at Kingston Pike and the take KP to Concord to my subdivision and the through the masochistic hills of my neighborhood to my home. I am estimating it to being around 5.75 and I think I ran about an 8 min minute up until my subdivision. I'll have to measure the grade of my subdivision but it's probably a Category 1 for those Tour fans out there. I was pleased that I forced myself to run through the sluggishness early in the run… it made the later miles alot easier, especially since they were flatter.

Here are the split times:

Split Split Distance Overall Distance Split Time Split Pace Overall Time Comments
1 1.85 1.85 14:36 7:54 14:36 &nbsp
2 0.9 2.75 7:19 8:08 21:55 &nbsp
3 1.0 3.75 8:04 29:59 &nbsp
4 1.0 4.75 7:56 7:56 &nbsp
5 1.0 5.75 11:04 49:00 I did walk the hills when I could

And here's the map:

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