Viral Bronchitis

The best things about kids is that they are walking sickness factories. Oh, wait… did I say best? Those with kids in day care will tell you that it is a 3 week in/ 1 week out deal. You kid goes in, 3 weeks later they are having to go to the pediatrician. A week of meds and copays, they are semi back to normal, but can't go to day care to avoid “infecting the other kids”. And this cycle repeats.

Now, at no extra charge, the children are more than ready to pass their new found viri for your own personal enjoyment. This was SO the case when Eric was in Daycare back in Nov-Feb 2003/04. He'd come up with something and then so would I. I don't know if I mentioned here but Ryan was diagnosed with bronchilotis early this month and was prescribe with a nebulizer… yes I did mention it… the Hookah!

Well, Ryan gave me his Christmas present early! Thanks buddy… his two first front teeth were ALL I wanted for Christmas, but I got a little extra. I must have been a good boy this year.

I still had a variety of symptoms over the weekend, none really consist (such as a cough) but enough to get me all worried. So, I made up my mind and said that if I coughed up phlegm this morning I'd call. Well, I coughed up some and so I made an appointment. Luckily, my lungs are clear. I seem to have the virus part of it, so that it's not bacterial. YAY!

My arsenal of weapons from the doctor are nasal steroid spray, some multifunction cough syrup and to continue to use my medication. I was not banned from working out, but rather listen to my body and what it tells me. So, I am taking today and tomorrow off and seeing about running on wednesday… well, got to go get my multifunction cough syrup!

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