Self Diagnosis

Thanks to the almighty internet and its gimp, Google, because I found what may be my ailment for the side stitches that I had at Autumnfest and (worse) at the Reindeer Run.

According to Josh Clark on the Cool Running Website, my pains are probably due to “a spasm of the diaphragm”

and my second opinion on my condition said about the same thing

Dr. Stephen M. Pribut suggest that “unconditioned diaphragm” is usally a culprit, but he does go on to mention that the right side is normal because the “liver may alter the motion of the diaphragm more on that side because of the larger right lobe.”

So I want to know WHY I still feel it today. it's not uncomfortable, but it is noticable. Is it my diapragm or liver and what's the deal with them?

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