Med from the Ped

Well, we took Ryan to the pediatrician yesterday and he has Bronchiolitis. What's that you say… I dunno… YOU can Google it by all means. The doctor didn't want to test for other viruses such as RSV because he'd treat it the same way, so we are doing breathing treatments 3x a day for 5 days now. Did I tell you that I LOVE the breathing treatments?

You didn't read sarcasm in that did you? Well, you shouldn't because I DO love them. The bronchiodialator medicine is some good stuff. It's like Ryan and I are having a nice little Hookah session. A little for you… some for me… a little more for me…

The stuff we got now is some albuterol sulfate stuff and after wards I am feeling high as a kite and ready to go GO GO! Also, it'll help me NOT get whatever Ryan has, or in a limited fashion because you now me… what ever the kids get I get!

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