Boston Airplane

I just happen to catch the amazing landing of a Midwest flight into Boston. I can only imagine how scary that was for the passengers. In one of my former lives, I used to work for an airline and going into Boston was always something a little crazy especially in winter. Why? because it gets friggen COLD!! That leads to ice… yadda yadda yadda

Anyway, there was some problem with the landing gear and the pilots had to circle the airport for a few hours, to burn off fuel. We all know what a plane full of fuel can do, don't we? The plane came in and there were sparks on the right landing gear. I can only imagine that it must have been extremely scary for the passengers because you never know what may happen. This is also why I WILL NEVER SEAT MY CHILDREN AS A LAP CHILD!!!! Luckily for them, everything looked okay and the plane remained upright and came to a complete stop.

Now, for the airline personnel, this is the Big Dance. This is what you are trained to do and hope you never ever have to use it. The pilots are trained to remain cool and calm and follow the appropriate procedure. The flight attendants have a protocol that they follow to protect the safety of the passengers. They do not go through a multiweek training for the finer points on in flight soda pouring. No, they are there to make sure that you can have fun when you slide down the slide and that you'll have something to talk about when you walk away from the plane.

So, I am glad that everyone appears to be okay. I could tell that I was excited as my heart was pounding. Relax…

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