Total Rest Day

Today was the day of no Lunch exercise and if it works out, none at home. Actually, I am compelled to life some weight because one of the guys here brought a birthday to work and I had a large piece. It was chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Mmmmm.

The reason that he brought the cake was to celebrate the US Marines 230 year birthday. Man, those are some old ones. But to all the Marines out there… Thank you and Happy Birthday… Hoo-RAH (I think, that's how it goes)…

Today Ryan came to work today, sorry no pictures. I took Ryan to AC Moore with me to get a shirt for the KTC shirt that I am going to make for Chickamauga. Get this, if I wear a shirt with KTC logo, I get $20! Sweet Deal! So… $3.26 after tax and $20 in return after running 10 miles. It's a done deal to me. Ryan was such in a good mood and such a chick magnet! My goodness. Also, everyone at work though he was pretty cute, which he is, but he was in a absolute A+ mood… no crying… all smiles. If they could only see and hear him at home!

Tomorrow will be another rest day. Oh, and my thumbs isn't all that gross anymore so I am foregoing anymore pictures… maybe just a comment here and there

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