Dehydrated and Chaffed

Today was just about as beautiful as you can get. The billboard on Thomspon Boling Arena said 61 degrees when I ran by it today and with the sun shining, it was very relaxing. I made the normal out and back 5 mile course just to keep on track. You'll be able to tell from my split times that the previous workouts took a toll on me on today. Another reason why I Think that my times were sub-par today is that I was dehydrated and I actually knew this before working out. [start gross topic]I noticed a couple of days ago that my pee was about the color of the sun, bright bright yellow. In fact, Crayola called me and said they'd make a 'Whiz Yellow' on my behalf. Regardless, the fact of matter that that is a big sign that I am dehydrated.[end gross topic] So what do I do? Fill up on Costa Rican and Mexican coffee, diet soft drinks and some more coffee. Man, that does a body good! I did make a feeble attempt while walking to workout to drink about 16oz of water before the workout. I was parched the entire run but I never stopped at the water fountain to try to rehydrate during my run. Go Figure, must be my lack of street smartz.

And to make matters worse, my new running shorts, the ones with the 2″ inseam(I think boxer briefs have more fabric then these things) left my inner thighs exposed and thus I experienced some chaffing… Yowser. I have never had chaffing and never had to put on Body Glide or worry about things like that despite my, uh-um abundance, in the thigh department. Yeah, I've had my share of bloodied nipples but rarely any chaffing. So, the red shorts are retired for the winter and won't be back until spring time, maybe for a 5k or something.

I had my new mp3 player (will try to get the specs on it) keeping me motivated while I was running and maybe that is what helped with the whole dehydration (by the way, I am drinking a nice 24oz diet pepsi) thing and my performance. Anyway, I have a plethora of songs on the player… I mean after all 1GB can hold a number of songs. Unfortunately, some of the songs are inane bubblegum pop songs that would leave me embarrassed to even mention them, you know such classics as 'C'est La Vie' by B*witched or 'Stronger' by Mrs. Federline. But they do serve a purpose on a run and some songs have a good tempo, others have a good hook, some are even motivational in their lyrics. So when I approached the Lake Loudon Hill, I had to find a song that was fast, knew the lyrics to and would get me up the hill with good pace (given that I was really dehydrated at this point). So I found the golden ticket that would get me up the hill without stopping and that song was from the His Royalty… Sir Mixalot and 'Baby Got Back'. It's not a sprint song for me, but rather a good tempo song and so it helped perfectly. Okay, so he's probably not knighted by the British Royalty, but he laid out a great song with even a running reference! Yes, it is there among the million reference to a woman's rear end. It took me a while to get it, but he makes a reference to a fine athlete. The line of the song is 'I keep my women like flo-jo' wich refers to Florence Griffith Joyner, very talented American Woman Track athlete who kicked some major booty in the 1988 Seoul Olympics. A quote from FloJo: 'Nothing is going to be handed to you — you have to make things happen.'

So here is how it went down today:

Split Split Distance Overall Distance Split Time Split Pace Overall Time Overall Pace Comments
1 1.0 1.0 7:29 7:29 &nbsp
2 1.0 2.0 7:50 15:19 7:40 &nbsp
3 1.0 3.0 7:51 23:10 7:44 &nbsp
4 1.0 4.0 8:20 31:30 7:53 &nbsp
5 1.0 5.0 8:52 40:22 8:05 &nbsp

[writer's note: all the big words in this post dedicated to Laura over at the
The Artful Blogger]

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