Update on Troy

Today's Update from Chris

“he has remained stable throughout the night and is still making movements when they lower his meds to knock him out. The clot as you have already heard has remained the same as of the last cat scan yesterday morning. The spinal fluids that have been leaking has slowed as well. All of which is very possitive…when talking with the nureologist he has said we are doing ok as far as the clot goes and as long as it does not get any bigger….which it is not doing…..then the body will adventually reobsorb it into the bloodstream….that ends up being a hurry up and wait game.”

WE also found his mother after 2 days of exhaustive searching. Just about everyone was looking for numbers and people who might know some information. This will make care easier to administer for the hospital. So even though Troy's health situation hasn't improved much, his support situtation has gotten a boost.

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