Fraternity Brother

I found out Monday that one of my fraternity brother was involved in a car accident and is in the hospital. As of Tuesday, he has gone through two CAT scan, both with little good news. His condition has seemed to stabilize, but there is brain trauma and possible nerve damage. He does show signs of movement, so there is some goodness. He is heavy sedated and on a ventilator and would reduce his meds, but he fights the ventilator when the medication is lowered.

We, the fraternity, are trying to locate next of Kin for Troy DeWees Davenport as he has been away from his family for years and no relative whereabouts are known. This is unfortunate because there is not a living will (haven't we seen this enough this year), so the “closest” relative is a fraternity brother who is staying near the hospital with him for the past few days.

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