Computress says…

Monday was filled with installing programs back onto the computer at work. Yes, more geekiness by Terry. It seemed that right when I was about to update my blog here, the computer wanted to restart each time. Oh well.

So on Saturday we had a representative from Townecraft come and do a show of their greaseless, waterless cookware. Good Stuff, but very pricey. Not something that I would want right now, but when we can replace what we have with high-end pieces then I might consider it. The pieces use technology to actually heat more evenly and in the clean-up process it easier to clean. A much better investment than purchasing pieces at Wal-mart where you end up eating the non-stick coating over the years.

Also on Saturday, I watched some of the games where UT's hopes of a decent postseason are all but gone. The loss to Georgia has left many of the Vol fans here wondering what they are going to do for the rest of the season. Where is the offense? Why so many penalties? Fulmer makes $5,400 a day… so why the poor performance? The list goes on and on…

UVA lost to Boston College as well. That game was not aired where I could watch it, so I do not know how their performance played in their loss or is BC a good ranked team. Furman (I-AA) beat Appalachian State which is a conference game for them, so that is good!

Sunday we made it back to Sunday School for the first time since Ryan's birth. We also got to meet the New Orleans' Family that our class adopted, The Davises. I don't have all their information, but I think the husband and wife have 4 kids… I'll have to check on that. We then went to a social at our of the class mate's house. Lots and Lots of food. I could have kicked myself since I didn't have any camera with me. Terry feel shame. Anyway, it was a nice social experience even though I was herding Eric most of the time.

Green Bay won easily, breaking their winless streak. Yeah. I still have to check to see if my fantasy team has won yet… I don't think so because I had no players for last night's game.

Didn't get to run either. I actually didn't really try because of the weather Sat/Sun morning. I did want to lift weights but did not get a chance to do that. I was able to get Eric out of the house and play in the yard… so that was fun.

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