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At the office, the 3 of us on the bottom floor went out yesterday to CompUSA, Circuit City and Best Buy to purchase: 3 80G Hard Drives, Canned Air, and brackets for the Hard Drive (for my computer). We each have 10G Maxtor External drives, which about 2 weeks ago 2 of the 3 failed on the same day. The Hard Drives, our sole backup where destroyed. Actually, I somehow was able to resurrect my Maxtor with out breaking out the animal sacrifice and VooDoo. Unfortunately, everything was a total loss… nothing was salvaged. On the other hand it wasn't a whole loss: The mp3s I had brought from home, Ghost Backups, Samoa Backup (I actually have a burned disk as well as on my main HDD, redundancy! Rock on!). Everything could be replaced if needed.

So we went to CompUSA to get the HDD since the price there was the same as Circuit City, but one of the rebates was instant… less money upfront. So we got the hard drives and I looked for the brackets for my computer. My computer was a early 2000s creation where companies would make their equipment so customized that upgrading was very near impossible to do it yourself. It guaranteed that you'd have to rbing it back to them if you wanted to upgrade. So, I needed brackets so that my 3.5 HDD would fit in the 5.25 bay (I had to remove my Zip drive (that technology is SOOOOO 1997)). THe only thing that CompUSA had that I could use was a fan/bracket combo, which is very smart but expensive. So we decided to just get the HDD there and go to Circuit City and get the brackets there, plus John could get another HDD with their rebate for his home.

Circuit City, after winding through the maze, had the exact same piece that CompUSA had, but for $10 more!! No Thank you. I'll just bring one from home and go from there. Well, Best Buy is right across the street, so we decided to go there to get the brackets and the compressed air. Best Buy did not have ANY brackets, at all. We found the air spray and it was $2 more expensive for a smaller can than CompUSA. Since we are some cheap bastards, we decided NOT to get the spray there, but for Tom to go back to CompUSA later and get a couple of cans.

We made it back in time for me to put in one HDD, which went into Tom's computer. I went through Step-by-Step on what I was doing and how to configure the software such that the drive would be usable. I had to give a short class on the difference between Primary and Secondary Masters and Slaves. Finally, the drive was in and the day was over. I had to look forward to coming in today to install the other drives. Everything went pretty smoothly, I ended up using the bracket that the Zip drive was in to house my HDD. I am in the process of moving stuff off the drives so that I can reload Windows and all the other software. What Fun…

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