Uppercut, Uppercut, Body Blow

Seems that Mother Nature has pulled off the gloves and are giving the US a couple black eyes. First there was Hurricane Katrina and now Hurricane Rita. Only Mother Nature would have the lady storms hit so hard (i.e. Camille)… I am woman, hear me ROAR. But what happens when they run out of names? Do they have alternates? Maybe just cycle over to the Cyclone names?

Here in Knoxville gas prices were 30 cents higher than yesterday. And under advice from Devaney, I went and got gas for the cars just on the safe side. The gas stations were busy but there were not long lines waiting to get to the pumps.

One of the blogs that I follow Off The Top of My Head cited that the Port Lavaca, Texas mayor was doing some drastic scare tactics (but really pre-cataloging) to get people to leave. But no matter what, you will always have those that will stay for whatever reason.

With Rita about to hit in the next day, did our Government learn enough from Katrina and be able to act accordingly? With the President's approval ratings at a very low spot, he needs to come out shining if Rita does major damage. As much as he took the responsibility for Katrina's faults, he can take responsibility for Rita's rights (if there are any).

So let's see what happens. I'll be glued to hear what Stephanie Abrams and Jim Cantore have to report about Rita and her imprint that she makes on America. She's already moved the UT vs LSU game to Monday night… can't wait for SportsTalk tonight to hear the people bitch about that… it's bad enough we have a quarterback “contoversy”.

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