…I'm swimming in the rain

Usually they leave the outdoor pool open in inclment weather as long as there is no lightening. Today, it was closed and what is funny is that when I went to swim it was raining steady and when I left it had stopped. Now, 2 hours later, the sun is out and the streets are pretty much dry. Well, we needed the rain, so it was an okay deal. The yard was looking brown…

So swimming was indoors today, which isn't really a bad deal. The water feels slightly more chemicalized than the outdoor pool. I took tuesday's goggle lesson and had no trouble keeping the pool from entering my goggles. I ended swimming a mile today without much fanfare. I took a less than two minute break at the halfway point, but other than that the laps were continuous. I was having a fun time with my form. I found that I can't have good form with my arms AND kick at the same time. I can do one or the other, but continuous kicking is something I will have to learn. So this is what happened:

Split Split Distance Split Time
1 800 meters 18:23
2 800 meters 18:11

The weekend should be low-key on athletics. Our friends who have twins will be having their 5th birthday. So that is during the day and then at night is the Tennessee/Florida game, so that is a much watch (8:00pm CBS – GO VOLS). Sunday… will probably be everything we need to have done on Saturday but skipped it!

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