Idle today

As I mentioned a day or two ago, today was going to be a workout-free day at lunch time. The reason for this is that I was going to take my lunch break and go back home so that Jen could pick up her new car.

Her new car is a MK Signature 2006 Silver Pontiac Grand Prix that Jennifer earned a mere two days before giving birth to Ryan back in June. This is her second career car but the first time she took the cash compensation instead of the car. The other car, which she won back in 2004 was the Grand Am (The Vibe is the option now) but we took the $375 cash comp instead. Now this is just temporary, because our goal is to earn the Mary Kay Cadillac CTS by the end of the year! And yes, I will want to drive it!!!

For college football fans, Bob Stoops of Oklahoma's wife Caroyln became a National Sales Director (NSD) this past year at Seminar and when interviewed, he said that he enjoyed driving it and that the players loved to see him in it… I'm sure to give him some crap, but you know what… what is the color of their free car, huh? Well, if they're pro-quality football players with a booster, it may be a black Navigator.

Here is a picture of my lovely and talented wife with her new car. It had -5- miles on it and I took about 100 pictures which I will put up on her MK website probably tomorrow. So today free car, tomorrow swim.


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