A good swim

Today was an excellent swim, probably the best swim that I have had in a great while. I opted out of going to lunch with the guys from work, since it was a short week, I wanted to get the extra workout. So, I made it to the pool with the intent of completing 27 laps or approximately 1200 meters. The UT staff had put the configuration back to the width configuration of 25 yards, but that was okay.

I wasn't exactly sure how long I was going to swim before I took a break either 400 meters or 800 meters. I felt strong for the swim and decided to go 800 meters before I took a break. I probably could have gone the entire 1200 meters, before I needed a break and that is encouraging for triathlon swims. My break was less than a minute before I started the final 400 meters.

I really tried to work on my form today during swimming. Just about every aspect of my form could be changed or at least tweaked. But until a professional swimmer/triathlete watches me, I'll keep trying on my own. The two main things that I worked on today was my breathing and kicking. My breathing is very inconsistent, at the start of a swim, I can get my head out of the water and breathe easy. However, the more I swim, the more fatigued I get and don't get my head out as far. This leads to swallowing some water as I swim. I found a technique that worked while I was concentrating which consisted of not cosing my mouth at all, but as soon as my head goes underwater, I start the exhale process. This keeps the water from entering my mouth. Of course, this works great in a controlled pool lap session. Stick it out on a choppy water/ocean add a few people and see how I fare then.

My current technique consists of kicking every other stroke. Why? I don't know, but that is what I do. If I could have a consistent kick, it would propel me faster and thus relieve some of the work that my arms have to do. I am most scared that my legs muscles will cramp and/or pull while trying to kick for a long period of time. I guess stretching and becoming more flexible would relieve stress during the kick.

Here are the time splits for my swim:

Split Split Distance Split Time
1 800 meters 17:02
2 400 meters 9:55

On a side note, my feet feel fine from yesterday and probably could have ran today if I chose. I doubt that I will run this weekend as I will give blood on Sunday. However, there is a slight chance for some miles on Saturday… we'll see.

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