20 Degrees and Cloud Cover

It's amazing, but not surprising what a drop in temperature can do for a runner. This past weekend, we had some rather crazy weather. And although I wasn't as anxious for a Huge Storm as '[info]'gregmce but then again, I didn't have a 18 mile training run. Well, Saturday afternoon, a cold front roared through here and some of it was leftover on Sunday and Monday Morning. At lunchtime, the temperature was a nice 70 degrees and I knew INSTANTLY that I would be running today. In fact, I decided that I would explore that new greenway addition by the River, since I knew it was there. I figured that I could squeeze in 4 mile since the weather was better, I should be able to run better, right?

All the cooler weather did for me was to allow me to start out to fast! Check out my time for the first mile, it is a blazer for training sake at this point. The good thing was that, although it was a little difficult, it didn't KILL me. I have included my split time in an expanded table format. The first thing that I see is that, if you want a fast time, then you need to go out fast. Even if you slow down along the way, you'll get a better time than being sensible. But what is that fast Threshold? Don't know. Don't care, at this point as I am not trying for a 5k PR time.

Split Split Distance Overall Distance Split Time Split Pace Overall Time Overall Pace
1 1.0 1.0 7:38 7:38 7:38 7:38
2 0.5 1.5 4:13 8:26 11:51 7:54
3 0.36 1.86 2:53 8:01 14:45 7:56
4 0.24 2.1 1:54 7:55 16:41 7:57
5 0.24 2.34 1:58 8:12 18:39 7:59
6 0.36 2.7 3:00 8:20 21:39 8:02
7 0.5 3.2 4:19 8:38 25:58 8:07
8 1.0 4.2 10:22 10:22 36:20 8:40

You can see from Friday's run, that I was a little faster than the day before, but not by much. The biggest difference was the ease in the return run. I felt pretty good for the return trip back to the aquatic center. I did do a 'Recovery Walk' for about 0.2 of a mile to gear up for the big hill on Lake Loudon Ave. I wanted to conquer this hill (and I did). Today turned out to be a great run, now I just wish for the cooler temperatures!
Here is a map of the route that I took:

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