Can anyone tell me where they put the weekend? I can't remember what happened to it.

Friday after work I stopped by BB&T where I signed up for a Home Equity Loan with no closing costs, this way I have access to a buy of MONEY, if we need it for emergency. The nice thing is, and the reason that I signed up now, that I am locked into the prime rate. So with the dark clouds of higher interest rates on the horizon, now was a good time.

I am totally blanking on what I did Friday night, must be getting old.

Saturday, I had an eye appointment in the morning, which my eyes are none for the worse. My prescription for glasses is unchanged from last time. All I have is a slight astigmatism, which the glasses I have now really only make objects “crisper' looking. For Example, the edges of lettering on street signs is more pronounced. Maybe I'll have to take a snappy snappy of me with specs on… one to think about. Jen had an appointment that afternoon. So Eric and I hung out at the house waiting for Greg and Jessica Burrell to arrive from the metropolis of Elijay, Ga. Greg is taking a class in Harrogate, Tn (about an hour away) and came up to Knoxville for Jen's belated birthday party with his wife. Greg and Jessica were married one week after us, so it is really easy to remember their anniversary. One they got here we went to Marty & Solange's house for the party. Solange's Birthday is one day after Jen's and so we have a combined soiree usually at our house with live music from Jammin' Bread and Marty's delectable potent brew. The party turned out to be a low key affair while we were there. Eric on the other hand had an eventful evening to say the least. After about 10 minutes, Eric found the kid's room upstair and was playing with the cars that were up there. He absolutely loves mathbox cars right now. He has about 4 at home, but his friends have bunches and bunches, so he is like a kid in the candy store. Anyway, the scary part of evening was were, we witnessed, David (22 months) pushed Eric down the stairs. Yep, one shove and Eric went tumbling. Jen and I both witness the event and comment later that our feet were in cement and time stayed still. Luckily, Eric fell in such a manner that his neck was put in a compromising position and after his first “roll” his slid more on his back that anything else. Pretty scary but probably the first of many times that Eric is involved in something that scares the Ba-Geesus out of us. At least we could see what happened and not arrive on the scene not knowing the extent of the damages. Eric had fun for rest of the evening, so that was fine.

Oh, another thing that Eric did on Saturday, two as a matter of fact. One, he had been drawing on a big sketch book, but had only been making single lines. Well, Jen showed him how to make a circle and sure enough, he was making ovals. Lots and Lots of ovals. The only thing about Eric is that he thinks his legs are also part of the sketch pad!

The other thing that he did was play cars on a mat. It was one of those kid's maps that has a map of a city as th design, so that you can drive your cars around on it. Well, Eric was driving his cars around the mat as Jen watched him. I don't know if committed any moving violations, but the cognitive reasoning to keep the car on the map and on the streets was a new step for him.

Sunday, we went to church. I worked on Jen's newsletter for a while, then off to the Math Lab to get some hours. I had one student right at the very end, but rather uneventful. I should have updated last night and not a million times today.

Running Update: No running over the weekend. I had wanted to run on the treadmill while Eric was sleeping but had other things to due. I am going swimming today though!

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