This is not the marathon your looking for…

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How cool is this! This was taken at the London Marathon on Saturday. I could not imagine that someone could run the whole thing in a stormtrooper suit. I'll have to see if I can get their finishing time.
I found out who this was… at first I looked for the number 1256 and that runner came in 3:11. Not even if he had the Force working with him, could he make it that fast… so I went through the number thinking that his bib was 1256X, and the answers were:
12567 RACHEL L. WHITTAKER W20 3:56:46
12563 TIM M. PERRY M20 4:11:32
12560 WILLIAM J. WEAVER M50 4:39:21
12564 JOHN. PICKARD M50 4:40:21
12569 TERENCE. RYAN M40 4:47:59
12566 STEPHEN M. BUCKLEY M30 5:44:07

I'm guessing Mr. Buckley…

May the Force be with You!

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