Stress, again

Wouldn't you know it, I had a post already about stress and I closed Firefox before sending the data… ARGH!

Anyway, my original post was that I was complaining about the past two weeks. I have had to deal with Grandma's death and the everything that was associate with the whole grieving process, etc. Then after that we traveled for 4 days to Myrtle Beach, which wasn't that stressful, but that the weather was doom and gloom for the days we were beach front. Plus there was, just under, gale force gusts while we were there. while I was at the beach there was something in the place where we were staying that made me very allergic. I sneezed ten times in a row and itchy eyes and otherwise miserable. Monday (of this week) was okay… the highlight was that I made contact with Patrick Wilson who is a very good friend from High School, we had lost contact for a few years. But Monday, I did have a very congested nose. The doctor gave me a clean bill of health to start working out again, and he gave me some Clarinex for my congestion thinking that it was allergy related.

Jen was sick yesterday, she was wiped out all day long, snoozing. I had stayed home from work to take Eric to preschool and to watch her. She's back on antibiotics now for 5 days. This morning, Jen had an appointment to get her glucose checked. This test will determine if she is at risk for gestational diabetes, which generally leads to a very large baby, something Jen really isn't looking forward to. Eric at 6lbs 13oz was a little too large, I think she is thinking that a 4lb baby would be nice. Well, I was going to take Eric to school at 9 and she would go to her appointment at 8:15, but we could not find her driver's license. So we frantically got ready that I would take Eric to school and then take her to the doctor's appointment, then go to work, then get her from a friend at 1 to get Eric at 2 and then I would go back to UT to tutor. At the very last moment Jen saved the day by finding her driver's license. Then she followed me to school and I followed her to her appointment. She had not eaten in 13 hours because you have to fast for this test and felt a little woozy while driving. We find out the results of the test tomorrow sometime. Oh yeah, and to make things worse for me, when I got to work I realized that I forgot my wallet! YIKES!!! So that means that I can not go workout tonight… but that might be okay, because my congestion might be traveling south. UGH (I hope it is just allergy related)

So I might need to get some “happy” pills… Maybe Captain Zoloft and his Merry Makers or perhaps my ole friend Mr. Roll N. Rock can help 🙂

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