I got a voicemail from Jen this morning saying that I she had something that I could blog today. Well, today was the first that Eric, by himself, put on his sandals. When we went to get him out of his crib this morning, we played in the room for a while. During which he brought his sandals over to us. He said “shoes” and played with the velcro closure. I left for work and then got a voicemail during my travels that he had gotten his sandals and proceeded to put them on his feet. He was able to put the correct shoe on the correct foot which was a 50-50 chance. They only thing that Jen helped him with was to show him where the velcro strap was since he couldn't see it.

I am meeting with Dr. Guess this afternoon to discuss a paper that I am helping him and Dr. leon write. The paper is actually an extension of the paper that I did for my Master's Project. Right now we are looking to find other papers that reference the paper that we used as our basis Gaver DP (1963). The paper will deal with unavailability of systems that have components in a parallel system. An example of a parallel system is a string of christmas lights that when one bulb goes out, the string of lights stay lit. The other type of system is called a series system and that is the cheap string of light that when one bulb goes out they all go out.

Today's workout is an easy run of about an hour as I will have both my tutoree this afternoon. I am going to see if Marty can run with me and head out on the Greenway. Should be a good run and I hope that the rain holds off until I am done.

Chris is coming to crash at our place tonight. He is traveling to Charlotte, NC and wants to break the trip up. Then Gray and Lauri come in on Friday night. So welcome to Chez Higgins…

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