6.8 Miles – OH YEAH

It finally came to pass… I finally got out to run and boy did I ever. I had an hour and a half to run which would give me time to get back to the car, get my stuff, go shower, go get my tutoring stuff and get to my appointment. I suited up in a coolmax t-shirt that I made as a training shirt for the Virginia Creeper Marathon in 2003. (Much care needs to be used when ironing on the Iron-on tshirt designs onto a “polyester” type Coolmax shirt). Even though the day was fairly warm and comfortable, I still put on a long-sleeved shirt just for precautionary measures.

My plan was to start at the Ag Campus Bridge, hop onto 3rd Creek Greenway and take that to either West hills High School or continue onto the Super Bi-Lo. I hadn't really thought about how far I would go or how long it would take me, I just wanted to run. And of course, I started out a little quickly, my first 0.62 miles was completed in 5:53 which corresponds to a 9:30 min mile. Not bad, that would be marathon pace for me had I ran at Knoxville. I ran through Tyson Park a little faster, closer to a 9:08 min mile and had to stop to rest, that pace was just too fast at this point. After taking the breather, I made it to the turn around point (3.4 mile) at a 9:30 pace. Once at the Bi-lo, my mouth was dry as could be and I stopped for about 4-5 minutes to regain my composure. I took off fast again, a 9:05 pace, but settled into a very comfortable and easy 10:17 pace. I finished the back section of my course in a positive split, but once I started thinking about how far I had gone, I was surprised. Finished 6.8 miles in 1:08:25. I was very happy that I completed the 10k distance without too much turmoil after not running in forever. This workout would put me at a 1hr 2 min 10k (6.2 miles), which is the distance of the Expo 10k in May that I am running in memory of my Grandmother. My goal for that race to run a sub-50, which means that I have to run better than an 8:04 min mile average which I think I can do but doubt that I could touch my 10k PR of 48:06 (2000)

So I know now that I need to focus on my speed work and intervals. I am 6 weeks out and it seems that my body has remembered some of the long distances that I did earlier or else I never would have made it that far yesterday. I have a Sprint Triathlon on the 24th and there is a 5k on May 7th that I want to run to gage how far I have come and how much more training I need to do. Hopefully, I can get back out on the road tomorrow, I would like to run the 5 miles in my neighborhood because I can gage what kind of shape I truly am by how much of the hills I have to walk.

Since on Tuesday/Thursday right now I do not get home until after 10pm, therefore I have no interaction with Eric, so I live vicariously through Jen. The cute stories about Eric yesterday was that he was excited when she came to pick him up from preschool. Eric doesn't usually get excited when someone there is to take him home (not even me). But when he saw her, he pointed and got excited. Also, at home, he came up to Jen gave her a big hug and then gave her a kiss. Very Sweet. I left this morning before he woke up and so when he woke up he was calling for me and started getting upset when I wasn't there.

Today Jen and Eric are going to the Knoxville Zoo with another mom and kid. Tomorrow, Jen has her good friend from Furman, Greg and his wife Jessica from Elijay, Ga coming to see and stay with us. This is good timing because Saturday is our belated birthday for Jen and Solange at the Velas' house. Should be a good time.

I am meeting with Dr. Guess this afternoon to discuss possible working on a paper. So that should be cool.

Upcoming Race: May 24th Trideltathon(800m/6mile/3mile), Knoxville “Color battles Cloth”
Current Mileage for April: 6.8 miles
Total Mileage for 2005: 141.2

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I'm a husband, father and runner in the Knoxville area. I love the way that running makes me feel and how it has changed my thinking. I am always looking for the new PR whether in the 5k or the marathon