What's up Docs!

I have Doctors updates… One for me and One for the Symbiotic: Jen and Baby.

Let me get mine over with because you'll just skip my stuff after seeing the baby info. Am I Right? well, one of the things that the doctor wanted me to do was to cut back the amount of caffeine I intake. I started to think of a typical day and the amount of caffeine in the drinks that I consume. Diet Coke has an average of 3.8 mg caffeine per oz, Iced Tea is 3.33 mg/oz and the n there is coffee which is all over the place. I figure that I was intaking somewhere between 800-1200 mg of caffeine a day. Some days it might have been lower but others much higher. He warned me not to cut off cold turkey as there are proved withdrawl symptoms (as with any drug). The first thing I did was to switch to Decaf Iced Tea at home. That way, if I wanted a beverage in the evening, it would be decaf instead of caf. soda. Next, I forced myself to limit the amount of coffee that I drink in the morning. I love the way that it tastes and will switch to the decaf when my regular roasts are gone.

Now for the good stuff…

The Ultrasound went really well. The baby's development looks right on track. Jen is 18 weeks and 2 days. We do not, and unless there is a mix up are not, finding out the sex of the baby. Although we “thought” we saw some evidence of gender, there were conflicting reports from both Jen and myself. We both think we might have seen girl and boy parts. The cord can plays trick on the ultrasound, plus baby Incognito was also in a sandwich position. I was excited because for about a minute we did not know if there were 5 or 6 toes. My dreams of having a circus entertainer went down the tubes, sigh.

The heartbeat was 145 bpm which is right at the borderline of boy/girl. DOn't forget that Eric's was high, plus the baby was very active right then, so it could be a indication of a boy or just normal for a girl. We don't know. Our next appointment is on March 1st. I do plan on putting up the pictures when my computer rises from the dead. I pray that it will be this week.

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