More Computer problems

So let me tell you what my problems are now… I had my computer crash last thursday or Friday. With some luck I was able to at least get it to run scandisk, something that I started Friday morning. Well, it is STILL scanning. The reason is that the program is looking for (and finding) spots on the hard drive that are 'bad clusters' or damaged somehow. As a result, Scandisk must process the information and ask you if you want it to fix the problem or let it be. I, of course, would like the stuff fixed, so I when the pop-up screen asks me what to do I want to fix it. well, it took about 2 hours for it to get to 79% at which it has found a couple hundred clusters (out of 1.2 million) that are damaged. For it to fix the cluster, it takes about 5-7 minutes for it to think about what it wants to do and then another 4-6 minutes to process and fix it. My most recent cluster was 975,375, I just hope it does not do this for the 0.3 million. I can abandon the disk and reformat it because this disk has all of our information on it, so I would have to copy it first. I have thought about purchasing a new hard drive, I found one at CompUSA for about $60, but don't have the liquid capital to make that kind of purchase at this time, so I am stuck with staring at the computer hitting 'F' a bunch of times.

The crazy thing is that I have had some time at home the past few days and I could have been updating Eric's pictures… as well as putting our new Baby Incognito pictures that we got yesterday… more on that later.

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