Ball, Hi and Dadoo

Eric is collecting him some vocabulary words now. Ever since the weekend, he has been amazing Jen and myself with the words that he is saying or trying to say. Here is a list of things that Eric can say (or try to say):

'Up' translated to either Up as in pick me up or Apple as in the fruit
'Ball' translated to ball
'Hi' translated in Hi accompanied with a wave and spoken in a volume level above conversation levels
'Buhduh-Buhduh-Buhduh' translated as banana
'Jouse' translated as Juice but can mean any consumable liquid
'Bye-Bye' translated as Bye-Bye and is proceeded by a 3 second pause from prompting command

and there are a handful of other words that he knows. He does try to mimic us when we say words, such as “ah-ree” which him trying to say “All Right!”. Attempts to have him say “Rock N Roll” have been fruitless so far.

Eric is also a finicky eater right now. He prefers cheese, macaroni and cheese, cheese potatoes, cheese soup, shredded cheese and other forms of cheese. He is hit and miss on vegetables right now. SOme vegetables are okay but other are thrown from the table or crushed/smooshed such as peas. He does NOT and I repeat does NOT like meat. So, there is one main source of protein, cheese. Now we try to sneak vegetable and meat into foods and that sometimes work. The first food that he stopped to give an round of applause after tasting was Lobster Bisque. He took one spoonful of it and proceed to clap… bravo to the chef at Earthfare. He is now too big for size 5 shoes, but can still fit into 18-24 month old clothes. Baby incognito is coming at a good time of the year, for if it is a boy, we have same season clothes hand-me-downs from Brian to Will to Eric to B.I.. Now if BI is a girl, then there is not as many clothes available for her and we'd have to get new clothes.

Last night, on date night, we watched Anchorman with Will Ferrell. It was funny to see all the cameos in the movie,especially when all the local anchormen get together for a brawl. I don't think it was Ferrell's best movie, but it was entertaining. I think next week for date night we'll get the Bourne Supremacy, since last week we watched the Bourn Identity. We can get caught up on that series.

It's cold, wet and damp here, but I think I will go running in between work and tutoring. I think that I can get five to six miles in with rushing myself. It's nice that I can use the TRECS building here on campus to shower after running.

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