Tuesday Musings

As a cure for my sore legs I ran 3 mile yesterday on the dreadmill at a nice 9:30 pace. This would be a faster pace that what is prescribed for how I want to perform in the Knoxville Marathon, but 10:08 pace is a little slow for me on the treadmill, err, I mean dreadmill. I managed to get through the work out in 28 and 1/2 minutes just fine. In fact, the soreness was gone after the first mile and I wanted to run faster, but discipline my young grasshopper, discipline. I do watch the movie Without Limits which is about Steve Prefontaine and that does provide a bit of motivation for staying on pace.

I did find out that when we are in Orlando for Sylvia’s National Debut, there will be a babysitter available for Saturday morning. This means that I get to run a race in Orlando! Ironically, it is the Disney Marathon weekend that particular weekend and there is a 5k. Unfortunately, it would be like $20-25 registration plus parking at the Park. Hell, no. I found another race that is only $18 if I preregister and it not too far from us. It is the New Year Resolution 5K – Northlake Park 5K Series at Lake Nona. It has been flurry/snowing here off and on all morning and afternoon. There is no stickage, although it has been very cold, so if there was stickage then it would not melt. Which is usually the case here in Knoxville, it snows after a couple of 37-40 degree days, so there is little accumulation. Of course, we only need the threat of ice here to shut down a handful of county schools.

Tomorrow I will be in DC for the day on business. We are going to the Department of Labor to see the people who oversee the projects that we do. We are flying on Independence Air which is run by Atlantic Coast Airlines. Now that we have a new baby on the way, I am going to rearrange the website. This should only affect some of the bookmarks that you have made. I will update our Error Message to indicate some of the new links. am hoping to have that changed before Christmas. Some of it would have been done today, but it is taken too long to update the picture album links… if only my computer at home worked!

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I'm a husband, father and runner in the Knoxville area. I love the way that running makes me feel and how it has changed my thinking. I am always looking for the new PR whether in the 5k or the marathon