The Andromeda Strain

Who would of guess but the Higgins Household has been one big virus pit (apparently) for the last couple of weeks. We found out last week that Eric has had the Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. Prior to his diagnosis, Eric was not eating, drooling a lot and running a fever (manageable by Tylenol). So, the medical experts we are diagnosed the symptoms as new teeth which he does have some molars now. Then he started getting exema on his back, legs and butt. It wasn’t helping that he was scratching a lot, plus we get every last absorbent molecule of a diaper before he gets changed (read: we are lazy in the diaper dept.). So, we thought, again with medical precision that he was getting a really bad diaper rash along with the exema that is predominant in the males on Jen’s side (thanks Lolo!). Well, last week Eric had an appointment to get the second part of his flu shot and it was the day before that we noticed the “exema” on his foot. So while Eric was a pin cushion, Jen mentioned to the nurse about his rashes. The nurse immediately said that she would go get the doctor because she recognized what was going on with Eric. So the doctor takes one look at him and says that he has the Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. He’s no longer contagious but that the sores in his throat should heal up soon, AH-HA, the reason of not eating, and drooling (too painful to swallow). He gave us some U-cort for the Exema and told us to use the A+D without zinc oxide (would irritate more) to control the rash on the buddy. This took place on Wednesday.

On Monday night, I started feeling really bad. My eyeballs were hurting and I started to get a sore throat. Oh great, I thought, a cold or better yet the Flu. Also, my finger started to hurt and the best way to describe it was that it hurt like playing the guitar for too long. Anyway, I thought it was strange, but it didn’t look bad. I started drinking Orange Juice like Beer and kept hydrated, taking Tylenol. I thought that I had done enough “up front” Vitamin C and Tylenol countermeasures to had deaden the effects of the cold, after all I didn’t have a running nose or cough. So, in my great medical opinion, I was on the road to recovery. Then on Tuesday, I got this sore on the joint from my big toe and foot (The big toe is connected to the foot… sing with me now). Also, I had another sore on my hand and my throat wasn’t getting better. So, I broke out the gargle with warm salt water. That usually nips anything that is thinking about trying to colonize. Now we are back to Wednesday when Jen calls me at work to tell me about Eric’s woes. Being the educated scientist (not the makeshift Doctor), I hypothesized that I might have what Eric has, but I needed to collect data. So I put my Scientist pith hat off and put my statistician Mad Hatter top hat on to do the research. I first proposed my Null Hypothesis that I do not have the HFM Disease and then proceed to collect data to prove that I did not have the disease. After gather data, I figured that I one of two things, HFM or Diabetes. Since I could not disprove the null hypothesis, I assumed that it was true. What I found out was that HFM is easily transmitted, and that it rarely affected adults. But we know that Rarely means that it does happen. So, I had it and my throat wasn’t hurting because I had a cold, but because I had blisters and sores! The only prescription for the HFM is patience since it is a virus, you need to let it do what it wills and treat the symptoms. Tylenol for the throat which peaked on Saturday as very painful. Today it has hurt but I think that my throat is just about healed, but I do have a canker sore (a big one too).

Don’t think that Jen hasn’t been affected, she has had some craziness too. She checked with the doctors office and she is to limit her diaper changing (method of transmission) to avoid further exposure. Eric is about normal, Jen is almost healed and I probably have a day or two with the mouth sore. Although, we all might have a stomach problem, but that is another blog…

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