12.09.04 Drought
It has now been 2 weeks since I have ran, any distance. How much does that stink? Not as much as my natural butt odor (haha). Anyway, all lingering signs of HFM disease are over for me. I think that I have beaten the stomach bug that seems to be bother the rest of the family. Could be from the large quantities of hot sauce that I have consumed that has made my stomach resistant to these viruses. mmmm hot saucilious.

Eric seems to have a running nose now. Not exactly sure the cause for the drainage whether it is the bring weather changes we have been having, and allergy or sorts or perhaps on coming cold. Today is the last day that he is in preschool for the rest of the year. They are closed for the rest of the year, so that will limit his expose to germs. He played in a bunch of leaves yesterday and enjoyed it immensely, I do not have pictures though.

Tragedy struck yesterday morning. My computer would not wake up from hibernation. I am not sure what is going on, but I think that the motherboard is down and out. I checked my receipts and it is not covered anymore for an exchange. I could have bought the 1year technical warranty, but I seem that was a little foolish when I was buying parts. I can see getting it for a brand new system, but not for parts. Anyway, if the motherboard is the culprit, that will be another $50 or so… and time. Unfortunately, all my pictures of Eric are on that hard drive (please, hard drive be okay!) and so I can’t update that until I can extract or revive the computer. Luckily I made an archive backup of all the pictures up to date.

I have not decided about livejournal or not. I think I may play with it a little bit and see if I want to make a change. I’d sure love to have people be able to make comments to specific posts and then use The Scribblin’ Monkey as a guestbook.

Jen has a skin care class today and so I am not sure that I will run. I would consider running out side after Eric is in bed, but given the state of the weather, I do not own water skis.

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