Samoa Day Two – Exploration

Woke up about every hour this morning until I got up at 7:45am. I watched some TV or rather some football since most of the games are played in the afternoon (EST), it is morning here. We went at 9:30 to pick up our cars at Avis. I have a Toyota Echo, small car but it is decent for the island. THe roads here are pretty beat up. THere are buses that carry people along the road to different towns. Along on each side of the roads there are houses and businesses, most are run down. Some of the businesses are same as the states ACE Hardware, NAPA, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC.

We drove from our hotel out to the eastern side of the island. The water is beautiful and we have some good pictures of the ocean. THe road ends on the Northeast side of the island where we got out and went to the shore were there was bunch of coral that had been washed ashore. We took a few neat pieces and head back to town. We ate at McDonald’s since it was familiar. The food was about the same and we commented at the prices, which are a little higher than the States. We then went to Cost-U-Less which is the equivalent to a mini Sam’s Club. We got some snacks and some water. I think we are going to a beach resort for dinner tonight. I’m going to try to work out or run before dinner.

Football scores: UT 13 vs ND 17, UVa 16 vs Maryland 0, Furman 29 vs Ga Southern 22

I was going to rest until 4:30pm but then fell asleep until 6:30 which was our meeting tie to leave. Thank goodness for my haircut because now I can have bed head and it will be OK. Jen had left a message that she was going to bed, so I will leave her a message on her machine that she can get later. at 6:30 we went to the beach resort to eat dinner and try the Vailima, local beer. We found one car in the parking lot and the chairs leaned up against the tables. The so called tourist place was dead although it had an open sign. Richard commented that it must not be tourist season [we later found out that there is not a tourist season on the island.. at all, ever]. Given the road signs in American samoa, you’d never know if you were going in the right direction to get to a tourist place, or away for that matter.

We came back to the hotel and ate at the hotel’s Restaurant, The Equator. There were a few people there and is a really nice upscale place. Prices were high and the selection was limited. I had a Cobb Salad which was very tasty, the ham was very fresh (maybe made that day??). The vegetables were fresh as well and the portion size was rather large. So far I have not been able to weigh myself, so i do not know if I have lost any weight, I am guessing so.

After dinner we went to the KS Mart to get some beer. The place was like a meat locker. It was a sizeable grocery store for the island with some sundries on one end and groceries/produce on the other. Their prices, again, were a little more expensive than in the States, which poses the question: If the minimum wage is about 1/2 of the States, why is the food higher? Can people really afford it?

I got two of the Vailima beer, one regular and one “gold”. Tom got the same plus two of the New Zealand beers, I am hoping to bring back some bottles for Marty but not sure if I’ll be able to. Alcohol is about 1.2 of the State prices, less import tariffs, I presume.

We checked out the fitness room in the hotel which consists of 3 treadmills and 2 stair climbers. The treadmills are made by Landice which is a good brand so I plan to run on Sunday.

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