Day Five – Almost Famous

Tuesday morning we went to KHJ to do a local radio spot with Samoan Sunrise, the local radio station. Richard and I did two small sports on the radio with John Summers and his partner. At some point we went to ASTCA and we were stopped by a woman named Judy who had seen us on TV and heard us on the radio. She was from the Yukon

After out meeting we went back to the government building to meet the locals who had been assigned to us to help us during our stay. His name was Tony and seems to know everyone on the island.

In just the first day he was a wealth of information, especially since companies have multiple stores. We can just hi the main headquarters instead of haphazardly bumping into the stores.
We were able to get 2 completed forms down at the harbor. We found one store that had porn and of course is a liquor store. The attitude of the island had been very reserved about nudity and little is any about it. I think that is why I was surprised to the see the mags.
We went to the Sports Center which the local bowling alley was we had “dinner” or rather drinks. I had something like 5 Valimas for dinner, except for some raw fish salad that was pretty good.

I drank some water that night and felt good for Wednesday. Since Jen was leaving for Canada with Eric I missed her on the telly. SOI have not call tot talked to her for a few days and I miss her. Wednesday was productive. We went to DDW’s for breakfast where we met Tony and then made our way up and down the island, hitting a number of businesses in Nuuuli and Tafuna area. Reception to us is pretty good; they have seen us on the TV and heard us on the radio. We had lunch at McDonalds. After lunch we went around again before heading to Pago Pago to get Tony’s car around 3:30. We were going to meet him to get a few other people but he had trouble with the paperwork and we ended hitting a few other places. We visited Sadie Thompson Inn where “T” showed us around. If there is a chance to come back this place would be ideal. There is a restaurant/bar, internet and all there plus it’s closer to allot of the businesses in the harbor. We are going back on Thursday for a dire knife show. We last hit Trophies and Things whose relative played with the Tennessee Titans and now plays for the Redskins, Joe Salava. Richard and I went to The Equator for dinner where I got the Mongolian Ribs with Potatoes which were good but were fatty pieces of meat.

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