Many Steps… One Step

09/07/04 – Many Steps… One Step
Had a rather eventful weekend, but without a bunch of traveling. Chris came down to visit again, which coincided with his birthday. The beauty of this was two-fold, 1st I got to bake him a chocolate cake and 2nd I got to tell him how old he is getting. Jen and I were joking with him when he was complaining about getting old… we were coaxing him “come join us, come to the dark side…” haha

Eric is ever so close to walking now. On saturday he took his first single step. He was standing for a long time, more than 30 sec, he made a step and stopped and proceeded to sit down. On Monday, he took two steps before sitting down. I thought for sure that he would piece things together but he proved his old man wrong. I suspect, he’ll practice more today on the whole walking thing. The computer parts did not come in on Friday, so I was unable to put the computers back together. When I get a chance to do that, then I will be able to upload some pictures.

Tom & Annette are married now. They got married on Sunday. We have pictures of that too, just trapped on the digital camera.

I ran just under 13 miles on Saturday in my training for my December marathon. It went fairly well, although I did have to abandon the last 0.7 mile of my preplanned course. Most of it was in my subdivision and for those that know where I live, you understand why. I am in the midst of getting a course together for the Mr. Arfns Run Deuce which will be run either on Oct 30 or 31st. If I am the only one running, I will do it early in the morning. I’ll have to see what kind of response I get for that. My pace for the 12.8 miles was right at 10:00 mpm, which had some walking factored into it. My next race is on the 25th of this month, Farragut Fall 5k.

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