Captain John

Howdy folks, how is everyone doing today. Can’t believe that I have 3 posts in a row. WOW! It is easier now that I have dreamweaver on my work computer, I can type and upload very easy. I had my first real tasks at work today. Data Entry! WOO-HOO. I enter in some of the survey data that one of the other guys John will run some standard analysis on. I need to install my NCSS on this computer, that way I will have that plus SAS. Dr. Seaver would be proud!

I got to chat with someone special yesterday. One of my fraternity brother from Longwood is stationed in Mosul. He is my little brother’s (in the fraternity TKE) little brother (i.e. his twin) Captain John Monihan has been stationed over there for a while now since winter. Anyway, I got to chat with him briefly on AIM. It is good to hear that he is doing fine, even though not in the States. Here is a picture of him he had posted on his website, I did a little editing so you would know which one was him.

Captain John Monihan
CPT Bentley, CPT Monihan, and SFC Grimsley

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