Thank goodness we have AC now. Yeah Kelly, you rock!

Well, ALOT has happened since my last blog. I’ll try to keep things short and sweet. First of all, we went to Dallas, Texas for Jen’s Mary Kay Seminar. This is the annual event that where they celebrate the accomplishment of the past Mary Kay year.

It is broken up into 5 separate 4 day events because there are so many consultants that attend. The whole production is first class, being a a theatre geek in college, I can only imagine how hectic the crew are for 2 and 1/2 weeks!

We rented a minivan and drove with Diane and David Beshears down to Texas. The weather while we were there was OUTSTANDING. We had one of the coolest days in Texas history, it was cloudy during our driving (so no hot sun), we missed the rain the day we left. So we really lucked out on the weather. We stayed with Jen’s Parents during seminar, the Hyatt had a great setup, I just wish that I had more time to hit the pool and exercise room.

Since we arrived a day early for Diane, we were able to go see Nick and Leslie Rae and their son, Evan. I hadn’t seen Nick and Leslie in forever (since 2000) and this was my first time seeing Evan, who is a monster, and a very cute one at that. I also had the pleasure of seeing Nick’s little sisters Katie and Elaine, although, they are not little anymore. After 12 years, people do change just a little…

We dressed up for two nights of awards, the first for our “area” awards and then for the Mary Kay Corporate awards. Jen won the overall award in our area for recruiting, she was the Area Queen of Recruiting and won special recognition for this achievement. There are pictures on Jen’s Mary Kay Website, jenhiggins .com.

The job prospects have gone from nothing to a bunch! I had an interview on Friday with a company in Oak Ridge, I have an interview with UT on Monday. I have another company who needs to return my call. I got a letter today from the State of TN about a statistics job. Also, The local community college may want me to teach, I have to wait to hear back from them. So things are looking decent at this point. I hope to know something by the 7th or just after.

This month’s running has been pathetic, 6.6 lousy miles. Sheesh. Have a great June and then nothing. On the other hand, training for the Richmond Marathon starts tomorrow. Seeing that we might be in Knoxville, I’m setting my sights on it.

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