I just realized that I never uploaded new news since the 29th of May, shame on me. Well, you can read my interim news below and I will just update since that one. How is that?

A couple of job notes: Last Friday (6/18) I went to Atlanta and had a job interview with a company called Experian. I have not heard if they want to bring me back down for more interviews or offer me a position. So I am waiting on that. I am trying to secure a position at UT as a tutor for the athletic department. This is just an hourly position, but I will still be able to make some money in the meantime. I was contacted, today as a matter of fact, from Lincoln Memorial University about being an adjunct professor in the fall. This lead is still in the infant stages as she doesn’t know if she will have the class. I do have other applications in at Pellissippi State Community College and at Roane State Community College, but no word on either of them.

Eric is growing like a frickin’ weed. He is growing intellectually the past few days. He is mimicking us more, both in sounds and in action. When you say “Where’s Eric”, he puts his hands over his eyes and then you are supposed to say “Peek-a-BOO”. Also, he will clap when you sing Patty-Cake. It’s just amazing.

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